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High End Retail Dispensing Centers and Patient Experience


e are a multi-state, licensed medical marijuana company with the mission to bring healthcare, science, and innovation to the medical marijuana sector. FRX™ is led by a world-class team of scientists and driven by the discovery, development, and manufacturing of revolutionary pharmaceuticals.

FRX Health™ is the company’s Ohio dispensary, located in East Liverpool. FRX Health™ provides a comfortable, welcoming, professional environment where we offer the highest-quality medical marijuana products and accessories to our patients. Our dispensary is run by a pharmacist and staffed with knowledgeable patient service representatives prepared to provide every patient with a personalized journey through the dispensary’s medical marijuana products. Whether a patient has experience with medical marijuana, or is simply exploring alternative methods of relief, our pharmacists and dispensary staff are prepared to answer any questions and provide individualized guidance consistent with each patient’s physician recommendation.

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Are you seeking a medical marijuana card in Ohio? Browse an archive of approved prescribing physicians in both states.

*Please complete this Patient Intake Form, and bring it to your first visit at FRX Health™.