We’re Currently Seeking Qualified Candidates in Farrell, Pennsylvania & East Liverpool, Ohio


hether you’ve worked in the medical marijuana industry or not, we’re seeking talented candidates to join our top-tier team.

Full and part-time positions are available at the Farrell Campus, and East Liverpool’s Dispensary & Processing facilities. These positions range from security, delivery drivers, to lab technicians and organic chemists. The FRX management team will be holding job fairs at various times throughout the year, we intend to hire dozens of new employees in several waves, as dictated by market conditions. Please feel free to peruse job postings, and apply for positions! We look forward to reviewing and considering every resume submission.

What it’s like to work at FRX

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What Does The Recruitment Process Look Like?

Ready For Your New Career?

We’re ready for you! At FRX, community and culture are the top priority. We intend to hire a diverse group of local individuals that are driven by the mission to pioneer cannabis healthcare innovation for years to come.