Requirements: Government issued photo ID, proof of Ohio residency, an active email address & medical records verifying your qualifying condition. You then find a recommending medical marijuana physician, pay the state medical marijuana fees to activate your license, and you are good to go!
  • The patient must notify a certified physician that they would like someone to serve as their caregiver. The physician will then create a profile in the Patient & Caregiver Registry. The Board of pharmacy will then approve the caregiver status.
  • Please note- If the patient is a minor or has a court-appointed legal guardian, they must have a caregiver.
In short, 45 days worth of product in every 45 revolving days. There is not an easy answer to this one- its highly variable based on the route of administration (vape, edible, etc.) and the amount of THC in each product you purchase. We are here and able to assist you answer any questions about the amount of days in an order at any time!

You are welcome to come as frequently as you would like, as long as you have valid days available on your recommendation and a current photo ID!

Unfortunately, you cannot. At this time, we only accept cash and debit cards (chipped)

The only way that someone can pick up your product for you is if they have an active registered caregiver status on your registry account.

  • Medical Marijuana: We offer a range of items at multiple price points to fit every budget! We are pleased to also offer seasonal discounts that can be viewed on our online ordering menu! Please feel free to contact us at any time to get more information on current pricing!
  • Recommendation: The cost of recommendation and amount of refills issued is fully dependent on the physician’s office you select- we typically see ranges of $200 and up for the active recommendation, plus the state fees ranging around $50.
We do! Our sales rotate constantly depending on stock– the best place to find out about our sales is through email! Give us a call if you want to be added to our email list! You can also find more information on sales on social media and our website,!

You certainly can! If you are unable to print it out; however, we are more than happy to print and laminate you a wallet copy at your first visit free of charge!

Each time you visit, we will give you a piece of paper with the amount of days remaining on your recommendation. You are always welcome to give us a call at the dispensary, too!
Absolutely- please don’t hesitate to ask! Getting your recommendation and seeing our menu can be quite overwhelming- Joe and Amanda are licensed pharmacists that are available to answer any questions you have about your health, products or devices! Just give us a call and ask to speak with the pharmacist on duty! You can even schedule a virtual visit online!

Pharmacist Consultation (

  • Licenses must be renewed yearly via the state website- you should get emails instructing you to setup an account upon registering, and you can monitor your renewal date there!
  • Recommendations are issued anywhere from a period of 90 days to 1 year. If your recommendation expires, you must obtain a new one from your doctor- you are often required to pay an additional fee at that time.
  • Once a physician with a certificate to recommend medical marijuana has created a profile for the patient in the Patient & Caregiver registry, the patient must then submit documentation to the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy to apply for special status. It will then appear on your registry account, and the discount will auto-populate in our system every time you purchase.
  • Note: Individuals might also qualify for reduced registration fees – the Board must approve the status in ADVANCE of registration, no refunds for registration fees paid before special status approval will be given.

Are you new to concentrates? Not sure where to start?

During our normal business hours, you can call the dispensary and ask to speak with one of our pharmacists to get a custom recommendation for what might work for you! Or schedule anytime online: Pharmacist Consultation (

If you would like to try out concentrates on your own, we have prepared a brief overview of the types of concentrates, so you can make a decision as to what’s best for you! Keep in mind, most concentrates require use of a special concentrate vape pen (such as a Puffco) in order to retain flavor & terpenes and produce ideal effect. These pens often have the ability to adjust heat settings in order to optimize conditions for the specific type of concentrate you are using (or the specific terpene you are looking to highlight!)

As always, its also important to start low and go slow to titrate to your desired effect. It is important to also note that the descriptions of these concentrates often explain their TEXTURE, not necessarily their potency (for example- shatter isn’t always more/less concentrated than budder). Take a look at the THC potency and item packaging for detailed concentration information, or ask one of our helpful budtenders for more details!

Types of concentrates:

Shatter is known for its brittle, translucent glass-like texture, almost like rock candy. It can also have a pull-and-snap consistency (imagine taffy candy being pulled tightly before snapping). Shatter usually has a golden yellow to bright amber color. It will have roughly the same potency as other concentrates, but can lack other cannabinoids and terpenes. Shatter provides a powerful, long-lasting effect.

Wax, in comparison, looks like a thick honey/earwax in color and feels more like a coconut oil consistency (more solid than liquid). Its often easier to handle than shatter because its firm and pliable. Wax is very potent, with a quick and intense effect coming from even a tiny amount.

Budder and Badder are oilier and softer in texture – budder has a creamy and smooth texture resembling butter or cake frosting. Badder, on the other hand, will be slightly less solid, resembling cake batter. Badder and budder are easy to handle and have a bright yellow and orange hues. Their texture is a result of agitating the terpene-rich oil into a creamier consistency.

Crumble is a brittle version of a budder or badder. As the name suggests, it has a crumbly-like honeycomb consistency. The color tends to be similar to budder or badder but instead of having a glossy texture, it tends to exhibit a matted shade of yellow. Similarly whipped like a badder/budder, the product is then purged in a vacuum oven at low temperatures to “dry” the concentrate while retaining its cannabinoid and terpene content.

Sugar is a term used for any concentrate that has a similar consistency to wet, sappy sugar. Sugars are not uniform in nature and typically have colors ranging from bright yellow to a deep amber. Sugar tends to be higher in cannabinoids due to its crystalline-type consistency.

Sauce (or Diamonds & Sauce) is thicker and more viscous in texture and looks stickier than many other concentrates- it is often composed of a solid and a liquid portion due to chemical differences between the two. The color of sauce can range from deep amber to bright mustard. The liquid portion of sauce is referred to as a High Terpene Extract (HTE) due to the high terpene and low cannabinoid content in comparison to other extracts. The solid portion of sauce is composed of THCa crystals, or the psychoactive component of cannabis that becomes activated with heat. These crystals are often referred to as “diamonds”- and you will often see products named “diamonds in sauce”. Due to these crystals and oils being separate, it is conceivable that you might have different effects from vaporizing the same product multiple times, as there are significant terpene and cannabinoid chemical differences within the same product!

RSO-otherwise known as Rick Simpson Oil – comes in a syringe and is a very thick, concentrated oil. RSO contains ALL of the cannabinoids, terpenes and compounds of the entire cannabis plant- and it is VERY potent! Its dark in color and strong in taste. RSO can be vaporized, rubbed on the gums or eaten, usually in an amount as small as a grain of rice!