Research & Innovation

At our core, we are a team that is driven by innovation – the idea that we could discover a revolutionary treatment that could improve thousands, or even millions, of lives around the world.

With several research studies underway, ranging from the effect cannabinoid in the treatment of opioid addiction to lung cancer tumor cell remediation. Our world-class research and development team will work with various in-house and third-party researchers to perform these revolutionary research studies.

Cultivation of Reproducible Medical Marijuana

The secret to our success in cultivation is simply giving the plant what it wants & needs – just as Mother Nature intended.

Utilizing a proprietary blend of various teas to feed and nourish the plants, FRX’s modular cultivation facility is engineered to closely mimic natural, outdoor conditions while providing the stability and consistency of an indoor grow facility. The cultivation process is rooted in organic and biodynamic agricultural techniques and represent the best practices of our award winning VP of Cultivation.


We utilize clean room processing techniques to develop high quality, standardized, & reproducible medical marijuana products.

FRX™ is committed to advancing science and driving excellence and innovation in the medical marijuana processing sector. Our processing operations will be housed in FDA Clean Room-like laboratories. With our focus on discipline and integrity, we will bring reproducible, high quality products that are commonplace in the pharmaceutical and parts of the nutraceutical industries to the medical cannabis sector.

Dispensary located in East Liverpool, Ohio

Our retail centers are designed to have a clean, open and modernist look, feel and flow. This results in a high end retail dispensary center and elevated patient experience.

Led by a 3rd generation Pharmacist, the FRXHealth™ dispensary is more than a place to buy medical marijuana. It’s an environment architected for discreet conversations about specific medical conditions and potential drug interactions. When our patients enter our front doors, we want them to immediately feel confident and comfortable that they are in a safe and professional environment that is all about health and wellbeing.